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Lauren Daigle on New Album and Possible Australian Tour

By: Steff Willis

Lauren Daigle’s success knows no bounds. Literally.

Her unique ability to traverse both the Christian and mainstream music scenes is a testament to her talent as a singer and songwriter.

Her breakout album, How Can It Be, achieved Platinum certification and produced chart-topping singles like Trust in You and First. Lauren’s sophomore album, Look Up Child, won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album and featured the hit song You Say, which spent a record-breaking 88 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart.

Lauren Daigle – The Complete {Self-Titled} Album is out now after dropping the Volume 1 in May this year.

In our interview Lauren spoke about the album and when she might be visiting Australia next.

“I don’t want to say that I like the second part better than the first it’s just that now that everything is complete, it just feels so good” she said.

Lauren said she hopes people feel uplifted when they listen to the album.

“I was sick for a season, and it was pretty tough and I remember saying, ‘God if you get me out of this, I will share with the world the hope that you have given me’ and I’m just so fortunate that that’s through music and through something that I’m super passionate about.

“I love songwriting so when I write these songs I really think about the person on the other side, what are they going through, what is it that they may need in their own lives and their moments of difficulty or in their moments of joy, triumph or sorrow. What can I write that will cater to them in those moments?”

Lauren Daigle is currently touring America and it looks like Australia might get to hear the new album in person too.

“We are out on The Kaleidoscope Tour with all the anticipation of bringing it to Australia. We actually had a meeting about it today so I’m not even kidding”.

“Singing those songs, that is one of the moments that I feel nervous about. I’ve lived with these songs for so long and they’re so dear to me so sharing them with the world for the first time, I hope that people love them as much as I’ve held them in my heart.”

Despite all the success that has come her way, Lauren’s prayer is that God would remain in the center of it all.

“The music industry is such an interesting place and there’s so many different avenues that you can take or so many things that get thrown your direction, whatever that may look like. I always pray ‘God just let us see miracles. Let things come to fruition that we could have never expected’.”

Article supplied with thanks to 96five.

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