1000 Cubes for 1000 Chickens

By: Tyler Fisher

Solving 1000 Rubik cubes for 1000 chickens in 7 hours appears impossible, but Tingman is up for the challenge. 

The million-subscribers YouTuber set out to raise $15,000 for Compassion Australia on February 24, within a seven-hour window. The YouTube charity livestream  included guests from the World Cube Association: Charlie Eggins, Feliks Zemdegs, George Scholey, Coralina Guidetti, Soup Timmy (YouTuber), CubeHead (YouTuber), and more.

Tingman is no stranger to livestream charity events. In 2020, he raised money for Mission Australia for the homeless, and in 2021, he donated to Habitat for Humanity. On his Compassion cube day, his goal was is to complete a cube every 25.2 seconds, but his record is 15 seconds.

The motivation behind Tingman’s charity livestream is because of the increase of food insecurity across the world. In 2023, The Global Report on Food Crisis (GRFC) revealed 238 million people across 48 countries faces high levels of acute food insecurity. World Food Programme says 345 million people (10x Australia’s population) have acute food insecurities in 79 countries. GRFC says that in 21 food crisis countries, 27.2 million kids under the age of 5 are suffering from acute malnourishment, while 7.2 million need urgent aid with severe malnourishment.

Compassion Australia says food insecurity is when “a person’s life is in danger as a result of not being able to consume adequate food.” The lack of food is due to poor distribution; 60% of food insecurities are due to conflict (wars).

“How can we stand by and let all this hurt and suffering take place if we’re in a position to help?” says Tingman.

“If you are ever in a position to help, just help.”

The goal of 1000 chickens will supply eggs, a valuable source of protein, to families. The surplus eggs allow for an extra income.

You can watch the recording of the event on Tingman’s YouTube channel.

Article supplied with thanks to Life FM in Adelaide.

Feature image: Photo by Fletcher Pride on Unsplash

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