World Vision Ready to Support Children Impacted by Ukraine Crisis

By: 96five

World Vision has been gearing up and is ready to assist children affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

The Australian charity and aid organisation is hugely concerned for the welfare of children, warning of the significant risks they face if the crisis escalates. If the situation deteriorates further, and humanitarian needs increase, World Vision says it will look to support people on the move and is ready to work with partners on the ground in Eastern Europe.

World Vision Australia CEO Daniel Wordsworth said: “The world is sick and tired of brutes and bullies ruling the world and leading to situations like this. It is heart-breaking that countless children will bear the brunt of this conflict, forced from their homes and schools as they flee in search of safety.”

Daniel said World Vision was ready to support those affected, as the violence takes its toll on children’s physical and mental health, facing the loss of loved ones and destruction of homes.

“We are deeply concerned about the risk posed to the most vulnerable – children. To this end, we are prepared and ready if a larger humanitarian response becomes necessary. We call on all sides to promote peace, as we hope and pray for a solution to prevent a full-scale humanitarian crisis.”

Daniel said the agency had helped 3.2 million people across its Middle East and Eastern Europe region last year with emergency response programmes, and it could call on this capacity to respond to the Ukraine crisis if needed.

“We are supporting our office in Romania to be ready to respond, should children and their families be forcibly displaced from Ukraine and need emergency assistance,” he said.

“The consequences for children affected by this conflict escalation are a huge concern to us. The focus here needs to be directed to protecting those most vulnerable to the escalation of this crisis – children.”

World Vision Facebook Post
Above: A World Vision Australia Facebook post

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