It’s World Emoji Day  and Tech Toppers CEO Sue Marks joins Dave to talk about the phenomena.

A new survey shows  a list of the key Tasmanian research insights from the Tech Toppers Emoji Report

– TAS’s favourite (32%) and most used (41%) emoji is the face with tears of joy
– TAS finds the pile of poo emoji the most offensive (27%)
– TAS’s favourite food/drink emoji is the clinking beer mugs (36%)
– TAS use emojis with most messages or emails (41%)
– TAS are most likely to send emojis to their friends (95%)
– TAS send emojis to express emotions (64%)

meantime Australia’s favourite and most-used emoji is the face with tears of joy
 Australia’s most offensive emoji is the pile of poo (23%)
 Australia’s favourite food or drink emoji is the clinking beer mugs (23%)
 Australians send emojis to express emotions (57%), appear more friendly (49%) and soften
the blow of a difficult message (31%)

Today is World Emoji Day and new research from the  Tech Toppers Emoji Report has revealed Australia’s favourite emoji to be the face with tears of joy (31%), which is also the most- used (32%)

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It’s clear that a picture paints a thousand words with more than two in five (42%) Australians saying they send emojis with most text messages or emails – 10% of people even send them to their boss!
Australian brand, Tech Toppers, has partnered with emoji®- The Iconic Brand, to launch a new range of tech-decorating stickers in celebration of the day, which allow Aussies to take their love of emoji® brand emojis to the next level by decorating their technology with the range. Combining the strengths of two brands – the demand for
personalising technology and the popularity of emoji® brand emojis – the Tech Toppers emoji® range is
fun and unique, which is exactly what the emoji® lifestyle brand stands for.
Sue Marks, Director of Tech Toppers, said, “Emojis are fun, cheeky, and help us to visually communicate with the touch of a button. We know Australians love them – they are part of our digital DNA – but why should it stop there?”
“We decided to get the emojis out of the technology, and onto the technology – allowing people to personalise their laptops, phones and desktops with their favourites. Our research uncovered that about one in five Australians wanted to decorate their technology with either the smiling face with sunglasses (18%), kiss face with heart (18%), unicorn (17%) and kiss mark (17%) – all of which are included in the range”, she said.