The theme for this year’s End Of Financial Year Appeal comes from the fabulous song by Finding Favour of the same name, “Shake The World”. This is a song the Big J brought to us, and said, “yep, this pretty much sums up everything we’re trying to do here at Ultra106.5fm”. We watched the clip (you can see it below), and realised he was completely right.

 “This is for my sisters that find yourselves confused
From the magazines and movie screens telling you how to be you.

Oh, don’t you think it’s time to just be free?

Yeah, and this is for my brothers trying hard to be a man
But that past you can’t forget sure makes it hard for you to stand.

Oh, don’t you think it’s time to just be free?”

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We at Ultra106.5fm are big believers in exactly that kind of freedom: the freedom that God has given us through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus. When we embrace God’s love for us, when we really “get” the truth about how passionate God is about us his children, when we get excited on the inside and enjoy that freedom of relaxing and being ourselves rather than striving to be someone different, that’s contagious. That’s the stuff that leaks out to others around you in a kind of ripple effect, and that’s how we Shake The World.


…When the sons and daughters start singing this song
Then everybody all around ’em will be singing along
It’s gonna shake the world.


Your donation towards the Ultra106.5fm Shake The World Appeal enables us to continue to broadcast hope and encouragement to people across Southern Tasmania for the next twelve months.

Please, give generously today and help us Shake The World!