Dave chats with Greg Lucas, Financial Planning expert and lecturer at UniSA Online on weekend wonderings about how to Avoid Christmas Debt

Over 800,000 Australians lost their jobs this year and JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments are slowly being reduced. So with Christmas spending ramping up – a time when families often become over-extended – financial planning expert from UniSA Online, Greg Lucas, is warning that come January, many Australians are going to be in for a big shock.


With businesses receiving JobKeeper payments having to requalify, Mr Lucas predicts a number of businesses will no longer qualify for JobKeeper payments in the new year. Leaving thousands of Australians potentially without work – right when those post-Christmas credit card statements arrive.

Together Dave and Greg discuss

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  • What impact the reduction in JobKeeper payments is going to have
  • Why those receiving JobKeeper need to carefully budget this Christmas to avoid bill shock in January
  • The danger of putting Christmas spending on credit or ‘buy now pay later’ schemes
  • How simple things like planning and ordering Christmas food in advance can make a huge difference