Eat Well Tasmania’s State Manager Leah Galvin joins Dave on weekend wonderings to look at Tasmanians who are rediscovering the joys of home cooking during COVID-19 and we’re turning to online
shopping and local produce to do it, according to a new survey by Eat Well Tasmania.
The Eat Well Tasmania survey – which attracted over 1500 responses in just six days – revealed that
53% of Tasmanians are cooking more at home since social distancing was introduced.
The reasons for the home cooking boom range from being more aware of food waste (33%) to
enjoying the chance to teach kids to cook (22%) and wanting to improve our cooking skills (20%).
The new survey showed that Tasmanians are turning to online and local businesses for their food in
a big way because of social distancing rules, with almost 40% choosing online and 40% shopping
more at Tasmanian owned independent supermarkets.
And the shift to online and local food shopping looks set to continue after COVID 19, with 37% saying
they will continue to shop more online (from supermarkets, producers, farmers markets and green
grocers) and 35% saying they will shop more often at Tasmanian owned independent supermarkets.
The Eat Well Tasmania survey, which generated results from right across the State, also showed that
almost 20% of us now prefer to buy Tasmanian grown or produced food when we shop.
And nearly a third of Tasmanians (29%) are eating more fresh fruit and vegetables during lockdown,
including from veggie boxes from local producers.
The survey comes after Eat Well Tasmania recently launched its We Eat Local app – which makes it
easier for home cooks across Tasmanian to find retailers and producers selling fresh local produce.
“We are seeing a huge resurgence of home cooking in Tasmania as a direct result of COVID-19,” said
Eat Well Tasmania’s State Manager Leah Galvin.
“And Tasmanians across the State are turning to locally owned retailers and producers for the food
they need to enjoy home cooking, including Tasmanian grown or produced food.
“This shift in behaviour, which is good for local jobs and our wellbeing, seems to have happened
because we have had more time at home to plan shopping and enjoy time cooking together.
“Buying locally and cooking more at home means we are also strengthening our local food economy
and building our resilience as an Island State so we can handle future shocks in an uncertain world.”
Ms Galvin said Eat Well Tasmania was blown away by the huge response to the survey and she
thanked everyone who took the time to share what is going on in their kitchens during COVID-19.
The survey ran from (7-13 May) and generated 1572 responses with 41% of responses in Hobart,
23% in the West and North West, 20% in Launceston and North East and 16% in the South East.
To read more about the survey findings and to support the We Eat Local campaign, visit

Get Fruity | Veg It Up

Follow the campaign on the Eat Well Tasmania Facebook and Instagram pages and tag
@eatwelltasmania in posts and use #WeEatLocal to show your support for local business.

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Eat Well Tasmania champions and promotes the eating of seasonal Tasmanian food by Tasmanians.
The organisation is playing a leading role in exploring how Tasmania’s food system is changing in the
face of COVID-19.

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