As the earth gets hotter and wildfires become more intense and unpredictable, we must find new ways of preventing, fighting and living with fire.

Dr Penelope Jones joins Dave to look at a new unit developed by the University of Tasmania’s leading fire researchers aims to increase awareness of the role fire plays in the earth system and introduce participants to some of the key aspects of co-existing with fire.


The University is offering a no-charge, four-week taster of its new Living with Fire unit from 3 February, 2021. Participants can then choose to extend their studies by completing the full 12-week unit if they wish.
The course has been developed by Dr Penelope Jones and Professor David Bowman from the University’s interdisciplinary Fire Centre Research Hub.


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Dr Jones said that finding new ways to live with fire was becoming increasingly important due to more people choosing to live on the wildland-urban interface.


“In this course, we explore the science of fire and the role it plays in sustainability. We also examine the history of Indigenous burning, how it’s shaped our country, and discover how fire is intimately linked to biodiversity,” Dr Jones said.


“The short course is a sneak-preview taster for a full 12-week unit that students can progress to take as part of the new Undergraduate Certificate of Sustainable Living. The full unit will extend on the short course, going more deeply into practical ways to live more sustainably with fire as individuals and as communities.


“The course will be a great introduction for anyone keen to understand the relationship between fire and sustainability in Australia.”


Course participants will:


  • Gain an understanding of the scientific, social, economic and ethical issues of co-existing with wildfire
  • Explore the role of Indigenous burning in shaping Australia, and how we can learn from this to live sustainably with fire today
  • Learn about the role of wildfire in the earth system, including how it affects biodiversity
  • Examine the role of fire in human history and culture, including how our response to fire has changed over the years
  • Discover the impact that climate change is having on wildfire activity


The self-paced, four-week taster is delivered fully online, at no charge to the participant, with an option to go on to further study with the 12-week Living with Fire unit in the Undergraduate Certificate in Sustainable Living.


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