Dave chats with  uplifting Australia CEO Garry Thomson who discusses the First detailed research on how Australian families are coping during COVID-19 shows in in five struggling, whilst a third are embracing the opportunity to reset.
– Inaugural Family Connect Wellbeing Index shows that one in five Australian families are struggling to cope during COVID-19, while a third are embracing the opportunity to improve the way their family functions. Uplifting Australia launches breakthrough Family Connect digital diagnostic and family wellbeing program to
help them, do so.
– Parents who are sending their kids to school are coping better than those who are  home schooling, but are less likely to say they are benefiting from the chance to re- set and invest in their wellbeing.

– Parents in families where at least one adult has lost their job are more likely to say
they aren’t coping, to be concerned about their mental health or that of someone in
their family, to say COVID-19 is straining their family’s ability to function and to say
the crisis has highlighted a need to invest in their family’s wellbeing.


Leading Australian family charity Uplifting Australia has this week  launched the first detailed research on how families are functioning during COVID-19. The Family Connect Wellbeing Index reveals that while Australian parents are feeling the stress of home schooling and juggling work and care, for many social isolation has elevated their focus on family wellbeing and they are looking to make lasting positive changes.
University of Melbourne academic and Uplifting Australia Board Member, Dr Paige Williams,
said the research highlights both the need to support both families under stress due to COVID-19 and those who have become more open to investing in their family’s wellbeing.
“Many Australian families are spending an unprecedented amount of time at home together and, as any parent will tell you, this has come with undeniable stresses and strains. Almost a quarter of Australian families say they are finding it harder to balance work, home and family and for some, COVID-19 has had an overall negative impact on the family dynamic.”
However, 43% of Australian families surveyed say that COVID-19 has caused them to spend more quality time with their families, and 36% that it has actually provided an opportunity for them to work to improve how they function together.
“As talk begins to turn to the gradual easing of physical distancing restrictions and returning to school or workplaces, many Australian families are beginning to reflect on the positives they can take from this unique time together – what they want to hold onto in terms of family connection and a real commitment to prioritising family wellbeing into the future’
“Many families will look to parents and peers for advice, and that’s great, but our research suggests they would also benefit from access to fun and accessible evidence-based tools to build resilience in their family systems. Too many families wait until things go wrong to ask for help. One great result from this survey is that it’s not just families in crisis that are looking to take more time invest in their family systems. COVID-19 has been terrible but it has caused a lot of Australian families to reflect on how they are living,” she added.
Uplifting Australia CEO Garry Thomson says the experience of Australian families during COVID-19 serves to highlight the importance of a healthy emotional system.
“A third of Australian families told us that COVID-19 has highlighted the need to invest in the
emotional wellbeing of their family unit and most say they are open to outside support,” said
“Just like a band needs all of its members to play in tune together, everyone in a family needs to be at their best, feel they have a voice and buy-into the family dynamic for it to function well. Our unique family connect program is designed for the whole family to enjoy together – it’s not just about techniques for mum or dad.”
The Family Connect program and diagnostic tool are free and available at
familyconnect.org.au and familycheckin.org.au respectively.

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