Alison Greenwood – Finance 

Alison’s aim is to apply her knowledge, experience and passion, to positively change lives. She is passionate about Financial Literacy and empowering others to make smart financial decisions. With over 15 years in the Financial Planning Industry Alison has seen the huge changes in the finance sector, requiring the need for more transparent, ethical and well researched advice. Having majored in Psychology enables her to understand the importance of communication, relationship with others and the psychology surrounding money.

Alison is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® with a Diploma in Financial Planning, a Diploma of Business Management, a Diploma of Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in psychology. She was also the AMP 2014 State Advisor of the Year.

Alison is kept grounded by being the mother of two small boys, who also give her great joy.

Michelle Fletcher – Family Matters 

Michelle Fletcher is the mother of three wonderful adult children, wife of one lovely husband for 32 years, and co-pastor of a country church. She started out as a teacher, then reinvented and retrained as a social worker and counsellor.

Michelle is passionate about supporting mothering with all its challenges, joys and surprises. And she loves to see individuals and families, in all their forms, tread their best path.

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Fiona Rowell – Family Food and Diet

Fiona’s mission is to show mothers of any age that a good diet can be simple and help them feel their best. Through her job as a dietitian she works with children, families and adults who have medical conditions. But she also has many clients who seek practical help to sort through confusing media messages, so they can plan the best diet for themselves.

In particular, Fiona is interested in children’s nutrition and their ability to self-regulate their intake. To that end she loves working with families to manage kids’ eating issues, so meal times are a stress-free zone, and children can grow up to be competent and healthy eaters. Fiona is an APD Dietician.

Jody Sargison – Fitness and Health 

Jody Sargison says: “Together we find ongoing faith of living life in abundance”.

Jody’s passion is creating happiness in body, mind and home through self-confidence, worth and enlightenment of what’s Possible’. Jody brings to life individual purpose and hidden achievements for mums both within the home environment and workplace to reveal areas of strength for all areas of life. Through personal experience, Jody helps uncover areas of asset, and illustrates how to maintain health and wellbeing amidst challenging times.

Jody is a Level Three Exercise Professional, with qualifications in Sleep Safe Space, Cert III & Cert IV in Fitness, Certificate of Nutrition, and Certificate in Management & Leadership.