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The Social Impact Summit: Caring for People and Planet

By: Helping Hands

Mark Jones, CEO at the Impact Institute, holds the care of people and planet at the core of his business model.

He works with individuals and organisations seeking to create a sustainable and responsible future in their everyday operations.

It’s the inspiration behind the inaugural Social Impact Summit held in July 2023.

Leaders from corporate, not-for-profit, social and government sectors gathered under one roof for the first time, with an active intent to collaborate and form partnerships to change the future of Australia, its people and economy, with the ultimate and worthy goal of making the world a better place.

Sharnie Curnow, the Head of Social Purpose at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, was inspired to seek new tools specifically for businesses driven to improve people’s lives and create more impact.

“There has to be that collaboration of both the for-purpose as well as the business and government so that we can actually drive real social change in Australia,” Sharnie said.

The summit’s Profit and Purpose stream spoke directly into this topic, with delegates having the choice across both days of the summit to listen to speakers and choose sessions from this stream, as well as streams centred on People and Communities and Collective Transformation.

Hugh Mackay AO, a respected psychologist, social researcher and author of The Kindness Revolution was keynote speaker at the event. He spoke about kindness as the key factor driving social change, and defined it as, “anything we do to show others that we take them seriously”.

Mark Jones agreed with the importance of this powerful message.

“If we’re going to work together for good, quite simply, start by being kind … I really hope that kindness and gratitude will be the two things that people take home, and that they have a sense of optimism that I can do something.”

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About the Author: Helping Hands is an Australian produced TV program that airs on 9GEM, Channel 9 and 9NOW, and showcases people and organisations who make the world a better place.

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