Dave chats with author Sally Hepworth about her new Novel The Mother In Law

Best known for The Secrets of Midwives and The Family Next Door, Liane Moriarty is one of Sally’s biggest fans, praising Sally for writing, “compelling, compassionate novels with characters you come to know and love. She is one of my favourite Australian writers”.
In this novel, from the moment Lucy met her future Mother-In-Law Diana she was kept at arm’s length – despite Lucy desperately wanting a close relationship. Ten years on, Diana has been found dead. The autopsy finds that Diana didn’t have cancer as she had claimed, but it does reveal evidence of suffocation. Someone wanted Diana dead. And everyone in the family is hiding something…
Sally Hepworth will be available to discuss her own thoughts on the truly unique relationship with the Mother-In-Law, and how it came to inspire her novel that asks the question: what happens when it all falls apart? 
Her novels explore themes of family, relationships and women’s health, and she has lived all around the world before now living in Melbourne Australia with her husband and three children.