by Hans Kelder

We all have an idea in our minds of our perfect partner would be. We’d love a partner who continually points out—even highlights—all our good qualities, our positive achievements and compliments us on the small things we do. One who reminds us of our good looks and charm, our cleverness, insight, courage, care and sensitivity, and our reliability, faithfulness, the fact that we’re a good provider, a good organiser. We’d love a partner who reminds us that we’re trusting, truthful and just great to be with, a partner who is patient with our bad habits, understanding of our differing moods and emotions, a lover who turns a blind eye when we make mistakes, never criticises or corrects, but only offers a calm considered challenge. We can easily create in our minds exactly how we would the like another person to be.

What if you could be that for your partner?

If we were to choose to be that kind of person ourselves for our partner, imagine how near perfect we could be for them. They would feel understood, appreciated and loved. If you became the kind of lover to your partner that you would like them to be to you, chances are that they will most likely reciprocate because they have a very good model to follow. It’s the golden rule for a great marriage.

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