With warmer weather now well and truly upon us, many Australians are ready to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and fantastic sights around our beautiful country.

For many of us, caravan and camping trips are a highlight of growing up in Australia and are a fantastic way to bond and spend time with family and friends. Research has now revealed camping trips are not only enjoyable, but also beneficial for families!

Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s Real Richness report revealed 75% of campers feel close to their childrencompared to 63% of non-campers, and 85% of campers felt close to their spouse compared to 65% of non-campers.

The benefits to children are also worth noting, with 94% of campers believing it enables children to engage socially and 71% believing it improves children’s behaviour. 

“Camping is family time, where we all go to bed in the caravan together and wake up together,” one respondent said.

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“Have breakfast together and no-one needs to go anywhere or do anything separately. It’s time well spent!! The kids love this concept and so do we.”

“We enjoy multi generation camping. It’s fun to spend time with the family especially grandchildren and share stories and experiences in a relaxed way,” another said.

The study also found camping gives people from all ages and all financial positions an opportunity to spend quality time with people who are most important to them. 88% of campers surveyed said they believed camping is accessible to everyone regardless of income, and 53% agreed camping is a cheap holiday option for times when there are increased financial pressures.

Caravan and camping trips also offer the perfect opportunity to switch off and reconnect. The Real Richness study found 93% of campers believe it brings families closer together and 92% of campers believe it is fun for the whole family.

Whether you feel the need to reconnect with your family or friends, nature, or just be social, it seems that camping is able to provide unique experiences to satisfy everyone.