On talkin travel Dave talks with Nick Rains’ about his newest book Aerial Australia,


There’s nothing quite like seeing a place from on high. Get a fresh perspective on Australia’s cityscapes, coastlines, rural heartlands and wild spaces through these amazing images taken from the air.

The essence of aerial photography – looking down from up high – is about offering new insights into landscapes and surroundings, even for the most familiar scenes. In Aerial Australia, Nick Rains’ photographs reveal Australia as it’s rarely seen, revealing a whole new side of its beauty. It offers sweeping views of Australia’s cities; dramatic glimpses of its outback sand dunes and epic waterfalls; a new perspective on Australia’s coral reefs and coastal fringes, and a new way of looking at Australia’s countryside.


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There are certainly many remote places in Australia to choose from, from the rugged wilderness of the Kimberley in Western Australia to the red sand dunes of the Simpson Desert in the Northern Territory. Working heartlands and rural areas offer up an abundance of patterns that you can only see from above. Shooting from on high provides Nick with an advantageous position from which to see intricate agricultural arrangements: Orderly vineyards, linear orchards and neat forest plantations, which are almost always planted in patterns designed to optimise the use of space. Viewing cityscapes from the air offer standout little details that are almost invisible when on the ground.