Jesus Saves

“As the times get darker remember the light will shine even brighter”. As evil continues to grow don’t underestimate the power of the goodness of God.
girl holding a sign which reads "salvation, t's and c's don't apply"

Salvation: T's and C's Don't Apply

We can fall into a trap of thinking if we try hard enough then we’ll get into God’s good books but there are no terms and conditions to the grace of God.

The 144,000 + 1

I always felt sorry for the 144,001st person; you know the one who missed out and didn’t make the quota for the number of people who get saved.

You Have Been Drawn Out of Deep Waters

The sacrifice of Jesus was the hand of God that was thrust into the murky waters of this world to take hold of us in our helplessness, the question is, will you grasp it?