elaine fraser

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Radical Wonder

I sit in a café and watch a little girl play with her toys. ‘Wow!’. She’s focused, she’s smiling, and her eyes are filled with amazement. When was the last time you felt like that?

Storms Are Life

There are sources of anxiety, pain and disappointment that turn our lives into storms but the best thing we can do is create through the storm.
showing up

The Infinite Power of Showing Up

When we step out from behind the barricades of self-preservation and brave the wild by showing up, the power in this space is infinite.


In the noise, we hear voices of not good enough and you’ll never do it. My soul is in need of some grace. My soul is in need of silence.
happy to be medium

Women: Happy to Be Medium

Women get older, but not in media. Extreme thinness, anti-ageing, and appearance-focused “fitness” are a few of the dangerous ideals we are faced with.