Change from the Inside Out

While cosmetic makeovers can only change a person on an external level, only Jesus can change your heart. Jesus can give you a soul makeover.
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Are You prepared to Change?

Change can be really beneficial if you notice what you are presently doing either isn’t working or has stopped producing the results that you want.

Do Small Steps Really Matter?

It take focus and determination with the seemingly small steps until one day you look back and you see you have actually changed the course you were on!
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Embrace the Change

Although we can't control changing circumstances, we can control our mindset and response to it. Imagine the freedom, peace and joy possible if we chose to embrace change rather than simply tolerate it.
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Dare to Receive

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy to give advice, criticism and gifts, but not so easy to receive them. Today, I dare you to receive.

The Gift of a Fresh Start

A healthy way to move into a new fresh start requires us to look ahead and recognize the need for change before it’s a necessity.

Seasons of life

Just recently for about ten days my husband and I were empty-nesters. Our daughter is away at university and our son had headed off overseas for a two week scho...