Why I Let My Kids go to Schoolies

Schoolies is an interesting topic and one that seems to evoke a lot of emotion within parents, but for us, it has been an opportunity that we have embraced.

Not Good Enough?

When we're tempted to focus on our weakness, we should instead focus on our completeness in Jesus.
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Movie Review: Paul, Apostle of Christ

In a country where freedom of religion is part of the protections afforded to citizens, Paul, Apostle of Christ is a valuable reminder of the story of the early church.
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Embrace the Change

Although we can't control changing circumstances, we can control our mindset and response to it. Imagine the freedom, peace and joy possible if we chose to embrace change rather than simply tolerate it.
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The Power of “I Can”

Do you remember being a child, and your parents would say, “You can do anything you put your mind to?” Flash forward to your current situation. Does this mantra still hold true? Do you believe you can?
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Three Nutritious 5 Minute Breakfasts

No need to sacrifice your energy levels for another round of snoozing! These breakfast meals take 5 minutes to prep so you can start the day with energy and still get your beauty sleep.