Should We Live the Iphone or Android Way?

By: Andrew Laird

Did you see the recent report that Android users are safer drivers than iPhone users?

Apparently it’s because Android owners are more likely to be rule followers. Whereas those of us who favour the iPhone make emotional decisions.

So which is the best way to get through life? Follow the rules or follow your heart?

The Christian faith says neither. No matter how hard we try none of us can follow God’s laws perfectly. But following your heart isn’t great either because we’re all prone to selfishness.

No, there’s a third way – grace.

That’s where we don’t get what we deserve, because Jesus – who did perfectly follow the rules – took the punishment for us.

And that’s worth texting everyone about – on either an iPhone or Android… just not while you’re driving!

Article supplied with thanks to City Bible Forum.

About the author: Andrew Laird works with City Bible Forum and directs Life@Work an initiative linking our Christian faith with our daily work – and is the author of Under Pressure: How the Gospel Helps us Handle the Pressures of Daily Work.

Feature image: Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash  

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