The Dandenong Rangers will now play the Ballarat Miners in the South Conference Grand Final of the SEABL. After they beat Hobart by 7 points in the South Conference preliminary final at Hobart DEC.

At quarter time Hobart 25 Dandenong 26  Half time Hobart 52 Dandenong 56

3qt Hobart 73 Dandenong 81  and full time  Hobart 98 Dandenong 105.

Hobart started well but played catch up after that.Hobart lead the game for only  8mims 54sec But Dandenong 30mins 51 secs and the lead changed  just 3 times and this all in the first quarter.

The Rangers shot an amazing 64%  in 3pointers to Hobarts  37% and this one stat  summed up the game.

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