Dave chats with Jenni Klaus about Science Week and Festival Of Bright Ideas

Rotating main stage shows: Jeremy Just with a Chemistry show Bang, Pop, Whizz, Whoosh! – lots of visuals, Lish Fejer with Grossology about body fluids, David Cannell from Questacon’s Excited Particles with a food show including volunteers tasting things like wasabi

Dominick College students present Animal Husbandry with live animals (students have media permissions)

Australian Antarctic Division – large display plus 3D printed penguin eggs, equipment, etc

A 3D sandpit from UTAS School of Technology, Environments and Design: bright colours, kids using hands to manipulate the sandpit

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Hydro Tasmania with a live eel

Workshops all day: VR experience inside a dome with stars etc; Engineering stall with toy circuit boards, handmade Kaleidoscope, a paper boat making challenge;  life sciences extracting DNA


MORE INFO: https://festivalofbrightideas.com.au/