Dave chats with  Helen Douglas Project Manager – The ISLAND Project at Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre at University of Tasmania.We explore

  • The range of modifiable risks
  • That we are still recruiting and how people can participate
  • The importance of current participants completing our current research surveys and how vital this is to our aims.


The ISLAND project is a large, long term dementia prevention study for Tasmanians over 50. You can find further information about the project via the link below but, in summary, we now know there are a range of modifiable risk factors for dementia that, if people pay attention to them from middle age onwards then approx. 40% of the current cases of dementia might have been preventable, or at least a person might be able to postpone symptoms and ‘live well for longer’.

 Find more at   https://island.mooc.utas.edu.au/

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