Clinical psychologist Dr Andrew Fuller tells Dave about a quick fix for stress that’s as easy as a walk outside.

In today’s time-poor and technological world, people are increasingly turning to electronic devices and social media to try to improve everyday wellbeing.

Nature is an easy fix and has overwhelmingly been shown to reduce stress, with just 10 minutes’ spent outside in a natural environment resulting in a significant reduction in blood pressure and an improvement in mental health and wellbeing via a number of physiological mechanisms, including activating the brain’s dopamine reward system.

51% of Australians say that they visit social media sites as a way to manage their stress, yet this behaviour can increase feelings of stress, fear of missing out, depression and social isolation.

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Andrew explains to Dave about the need for balance between screen time and green time and how outdoor activities build resilience in youngsters. He says incorporating anxiety reduction methods like relaxation in nature into school years is essential, as 52% of students feel under strain. He has a stack of free ideas and resources for parents, including how to teach their kids to be happy with an emphasis on getting outside.