The Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council of Tasmania has  facilitated discussions between Pill Testing
Australia and the Tasmanian Government this week.yesterday the Speaker of the Tasmanian House of Assembly Sue Hickey  hosedt representatives from the Tasmanian Greens, the Tasmanian Labor Party and the Department of Health for a briefing.
Gino Vumbaca, President of Harm Reduction Australia and co-founder of Pill Testing Australia spoke with Dave as he prepared to attend more  meetings, including a briefing with the Premier, the Minister for Health, the Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing and the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management.

Gino Vumbaca explains how the message  was received on the opening day of meetings and  he says it has been incredibly beneficial to have all the relevant MPs in a room and he looks forward today to talking with the Premier to receive  information direct on  Pill Testing Australia.
“Tasmania did not have a parliamentary representative at the pill testing demonstration provided by the ACT
Government in April this year, so we’re grateful for opportunities like this, particularly given the current level of
national attention pill testing is receiving.”
Mr Vumbaca saysd today he will focus on explaining how pill testing services operate, and the evidence supporting the outcomes it could provide for Tasmania. “For many, using pill testing services will be the first opportunity for them to talk to a health professional about their drug use and in some cases will lead to them deciding not to consume the drug or moderate their behavior to reduce the likelihood of harm.
Addressing the ongoing debate about pill testing, Mr Vumbaca said that the biggest challenge to getting a trial in
Tasmania was the ongoing misunderstandings about what pill testing is and how it works.
“Pill testing services never condones drug use, and it reduces the potential for tragic outcomes and harms for the
people taking risks,” he said.
“It is a health and medical service, and as members of the community and parents we should always be seeking to
make sure that young people are kept safe and return home after a night out, and that is our simple goal at Pill
Testing Australia.”