Water Services Association of Australia Director Business Excellence Greg Ryan joins Dave on Morning lifestyle  to discuss  the Draft Flushable Products Standard. Greg  has been involved in the Committee that has put the Standard together and talks about the  type of tests it includes and what it will mean for customers for labels on products.


TasWater has also  welcomed the announcement that Standards Australia has released the draft standard, DR
AS/NZS 5328 Flushable Products for public comment.
The draft standard outlines the criteria for materials which are suitable for flushing down the toilet
in Australia and New Zealand.
Service Delivery General Manager David Hughes-Owen said TasWater is pleased a standard has been
released for public comment and hoped it will lead to clearer guidelines around what not to flush.
“Items including wet wipes and paper towels, when flushed, cause a build-up in our systems,” Mr
Hughes-Owen said.
“Flushing these items also risks blocking both the household pipes as well as TasWater’s sewerage
system and they remain a problem right up until we have to sift them out when they reach the
sewage treatment plant.”
“We hope that once the standard has been finalised, it will help lead to the reduction of items
flushed which are not one of the three P’s: pee, poo or  paper (toilet) .”
Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) Executive Director Adam Lovell said the draft
Australia and New Zealand Standard will be the first of its kind internationally, where both utilities
and manufacturers have come together in its development.
“It outlines a framework, provides labelling guidance and requirements, and sets out methods for
testing whether products are suitable for toilet flushing and compatible with wastewater systems
and the environment’, said Mr Lovell said.
“It has been developed by a technical committee including manufacturers, water utilities, peak
bodies and consumer groups and includes pass/fail criteria.”
TasWater and WSAA encourage comments on the standard, which is available through the
Standards Australia Public Comment Portal for a 9-week period until 1 November 2021

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