Executive General Manager Membership & Community at the RACT Stacey Pennicott has told David Wood you should never leave children alone in a hot car.

The RACT has urged parents not to leave children in locked cars this summer.Between 1 October 2014 and 30 September 2015 the RACT rescued 84 children –

and 84 pets – who had been locked in parked car in hot weather.Temperature inside a parked car on a typical summer’s day could be 30 degrees

Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius hotter than outside the car.

As the temperature inside a car increases, any child locked in that vehicle can begin to develop heat stress and start to dehydrate.

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In addition, young children are more sensitive to heat than older children or adults, meaning they can be at greater risk of heat stroke and other health risks.

The RACT also confirmed that darker coloured cars could reach slightly higher temperatures when parked in the sun, the colour of the interior trim had little impact on the speed the temperature inside a car increases, tinted windows make little difference to the temperature of the interior of a vehicle, a large car can heat up just as quickly as a small car and having the windows down five centimetres causes only the slightest decrease in temperature.

“Research shows that the inside of a car can reach 78 degrees Celsius in a closed car and 70 degrees Celsius in a car with open windows.