Dave talks with Planet Ark Deputy CEO Rebecca Gilling on the first day of National Recycling Week.
It’s National Recycling Week! From now until Sunday 19 November Planet Ark is asking Australians to think about how they recycle and what recycled products they buy as part of this year’s theme – What Goes Around: Why Buying Recycled Matters. Putting out the bins every week is only half the story, if we want to encourage more recycling and create jobs we need to close the loop and buy recycled products too.
You may have heard from us in the leadup to the week but this email is just to let you know we’re accepting last minute calls for interviews with our spokespeople, subject to availability from now until November 19. We also encourage your listeners to visit recyclingweek.planetark.org where they can find our new directory of recycled products with everything from swimsuits to outdoor furtniure.
There are also schools, businesses, community groups and councils around the country getting involved with a range of events including the Friday File Fling, Big Aussie Swap and our new initiative Buy It Back Day on Saturday 18 where we encourage people to show off their secondhand purchases at op shops and tip shops.
Looking for some quick figures? Some key recycling stats from our 2017 research report:
  • 88% of Australians buy at least some products made from recycled materials
  • 70% said they’re more likely to buy products made from recycled materials
  • In the 20 years leading to 2015 the Aussie population went up 28%, waste went up 170% but the rate of recycling increased even more – it’s a promising out look but we need promote recycled products and innovations