Dave chats with Monash University Professor Mark Andrejevic, Professor Communications and Media Studies, School of Media, Film and Journalism looking at the dissemination of fake or misleading images and articles about Australia’s bushfire crisis.

Read more of Mark’s commentary at Monash Lens.


Mark and Dave disucss

  • The impact of disinformation and misleading maps and images on Australia’s bushfires being spread virally across social media

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  • Bot or troll accounts exaggerating the role of arson in the bushfire disaster and how this makes it difficult for citizens to discern the truth

  • Other falsehoods being spread on social media and how this affects society in a time of uncertainty

  • The automated capacity of social media to spread short, inflammatory bursts of information


 Professor Andrejevic says “Spreading uncertainty is, among other things, a political strategy,””Given that the scientific consensus has emerged around the causes and impact of climate change, the goal of those who would thwart a concerted response is to confuse the issue in any way they can. The impact of misinformation and disinformation is not simply to spread untruths, but to cast doubt on all information.”