Men’s Health Week (11-17 June), one of the world’s leading hearing specialists, Dr Brent Edwards has joined Dave with a warning Aussie men that popular hobbies such as going to the footy, car races, live music gigs and doing DIY jobs around the home could be sending Aussie men deaf.


“Almost twice as many men suffer hearing loss compared to women – and excessive noise is a leading cause. It can, however, be prevented,” says Dr Brent Edwards, Director of the National Acoustic Laboratories, the research division of Australian Hearing.


Unfortunately, Aussie men are generally unaware of what dangerous noise levels are – and how they can protect themselves. Even simple pursuits such as mowing the lawn on the weekend can be causing serious damage if hearing protection isn’t used. “While we like to joke that men suffer ‘domestic deafness’ – such as ignoring requests from their partners to take out the trash – hearing loss is no laughing matter,” says Dr Edwards.

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