As part of its 175 th anniversary celebrations, The Royal Society of Tasmania is holding an exhibition of
works by nineteenth century Tasmanian artist Louisa Anne Meredith. Works exhibited come from
the Royal Society’s collection.

Dr Anita Hansen talks with Dave about the Lousia Anne Meridith Exhibition.
The Society holds a significant collection of colonial artworks which are on long-term loan to the
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. The collection contains natural history illustrations by early
settlers to Tasmania and includes works by Louisa Anne Meredith.
‘As Louisa Meredith was such a prominent Tasmanian and left a wonderful legacy in the form of her
art work, it seems fitting that an exhibition of her work should be included in the anniversary
events,’ said Dr Anita Hansen, one of the exhibition curators.
‘During her lifetime Louisa Meredith presented a number of her illustrations to the Society,’ said
Royal Society President Prof Ross Large AO. ‘The Society also purchased some of her artwork,
including two of her sketchbooks containing over 130 exquisite pencil drawings of Tasmania and
New South Wales from the 1800s. The Society was also given an album of 98 of her works. This
contains a number of the original paintings for her beautifully illustrated books on Tasmanian fauna
and flora.‘
Louisa Anne Meredith experimented with state-of-the-art technology for the reproduction of her
paintings. Her book Bush friends in Tasmania featured chromolithography – at the time a dazzling
new technique allowing colour reproduction of images, much admired by a public used to seeing
black ink on white paper.
The original paintings featured in this exhibition are watercolours and pencil drawings too delicate to
exhibit and are therefore seldom able to be viewed.
‘This exhibition displays gallery-quality digital reproductions of Meredith’s works by Luke Wagner
from local company ARCHIVALink – new technology that gives people an opportunity to view her
rarely seen work,’ said Dr Hansen.
Location: Lady Franklin Gallery, Ancanthe Park, 268 Lenah Valley Road, Lenah Valley.
Official opening: Friday 1 February, 6:30 pm
Gallery hours: 11.00am–4.00pm, Saturdays and Sundays throughout February 2019.