You heard him for a few months opening his creaking vault in the evenings, and now you’re singing along with him during his workday shift (come on, we’re ALL singing along with his 80’s lunchbox classics!). But just who is the Big J? Megan Sayer asks some pertinent questions to find out. 

Jason: Who am I? Well,  I’m a 43 year old who forgot to grow up except for my 196cm 120+kg frame (that’s the “big” part of The Big J). I’m re-married, and my wife and I have brought a total of 7 children into our marriage, which always keeps us busy. My wife Vicki has three with us full-time and My four every second week and school holidays.

Megan: that must keep you very busy Jason! You sound like you’re enjoying the parenting journey though. So, radio. How did you get your start? I hear you had a fair bit of industry experience before you started with us on ultra106.5fm?

Jason: Yep, just a bit. I started in radio in 1994-95 (I forget which one) at Alta Mira in Adelaide, which is now Life FM. I started as a volunteer, and worked my way up to being music director and program director. I’ve also worked at a few other stations, including Heart FM at Poatina here in Tassie. But I’m loving working here at ultra.

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Megan: that’s good, because we love having you! So, what about life outside of radio, what interests you? What do you do in your spare time–do you have any spare time?

Jason: Ha, yep, I do get to relax every now and again! Aside from radio I love driving without a destination, gardening, photography and trains. I love family time and good food. (Can I cook? Hmmm No.) Musically, no surprise, I’m a big fan of the 80’s and my children have grown up listening to Abba and the Beatles. Apparently they released music after the 80s too 🙂 And the biggest thing on my bucket list that I’ve not yet achieved is crossing Bass Strait in a 9-10 swell.

Megan: Ummm…wow, I think I’ll leave that Bass Strait crossing to you. Good luck with that one! And thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to tell us a bit about yourself. 

Jason: no worries at all! And lastly, I’ll leave you with one of my favourite photos from a shoot we did the other day. Did anyone say the 80s was dead? I say NEVER! 🙂

The Big J 80s Lunchbox 1