This week on the Good read Louise Kerwin, author of Whispers of My Heart joins Dave

 It’s no secret that the impacts of the pandemic have influenced the way we communicate with loved ones, with over a quarter (28%) of Aussies feeling worse at communicating since lockdown. With communication being one of the most important pillars of a healthy and happy relationship2, ‘happy spouse, peaceful house’ is truer than we care to admit.
Unfortunately, the absence of romance may have landed a fair few in the doghouse with research revealing that isolation has negatively impacted the relationship of almost half (42%) of Aussies couples. Life after lockdown hasn’t exactly been a passion-inspiring experience either, with couples knee deep in the day-to-day, coordinating school pick-ups and what to make for dinner.
What’s more, in the age of smartphones, emojis are becoming the more common way to communicate. Yet, more than half (56%) of Aussies don’t feel comfortable expressing emotions through emojis and prefer in-person conversation4, making traditional forms of communicating and connecting that much more important.
Well versed in the languages of love, author, Louise Kerwin has released Whispers of My Heart, a book that takes a deep look at romance, love, and connection. The book is a collection of dreamy yet profound poems, designed to capture the essence of connecting with our special someone. Louise hopes that her poems will help to open people’s hearts and inspire them to show love to themselves and the special people in their lives once again.
This Valentine’s Day, Aussies are encouraged to reconnect with their inner romantique, spoil their partner silly and share a poem with someone dear to their heart, to express how they truly feel. With Valentine’s Day also falling on International Book Giving Day, treating your treasured spouse to some quality time and poetry is the perfect way to reignite the flame.