Dave talks with Lawrie Zion as he launches  his new book The Weather Obsession.

Are you hooked on weather? Do you check the BoM daily, like millions across the nation? Are you taking note of the weather updates on your car dashboard and during your elevator trips, or even every time you look at your phone?

To misquote Prime Minister Turnbull, there has never been a more exciting time to be obsessed with the weather – and Lawrie Zion is just that, a weather tragic.

We have come a long way since the days when weather information could only be found in the back pages of newspapers.

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The Weather Obsession takes the temperature of modern weather media and investigates how it has fuelled our fascination with all things climatic.

Weather information now pervades everything from our mobile devices to online news and social media, while the Bureau of Meteorology is a daily destination for millions of us. What has made weather so much more than a mere talking point? What happens when this data becomes big business? And what is at stake when it comes to how the media frames our understanding of the relationship between extreme weather and climate change?