Dave talks with  bestselling author Sally Hepworth who has released her enchanting, tender and insightful new novel The Family Next Door

Best known for The Secrets of Midwives, which was the highest selling debut novel in 2015, Sally‘s writing continues to receive high praise from the likes of Liane Moriarty who proclaims Sally‘s writing to be, “women’s fiction at its finest…wonderfully satisfying…touching, tender and meticulously researched”.
Sally‘s novels explore themes of family, relationships and women’s health, and she has lived all around the world before now living in Melbourne Australia with her husband and three children.
In The Family Next Doorwe discover that the safest suburbs often hold the deepest secrets. Such is the case for Essie, a mother of two, who in a moment of maternal despair makes a terrible mistake. Her new neighbour Isabelle is also keeping her reasons for moving into the neighbourhood secret, whilst perhaps showing too much interest in the lives of her new neighbours.