Author Ingrid Messner is a mentor, coach, facilitator, author and speaker who supports organisational leaders and teams to optimise their positive impact, performance and wellbeing.Ingrid joins Dave to discuss her new book Naturally Successful.

The sustainability and social change challenges faced by organisations and society today are difficult to think about. The amount of work to be done is overwhelming and urgent, and uncertainty, complexity and change are a constant. Many leaders are exhausted and frustrated by the lack of progress, and performance and wellbeing have suffered. How can you achieve more positive impact with less struggle, and influence others to support your projects?


In the new book, Naturally Successful (Grammar Factory, $29.95), leadership specialist Ingrid Messner has written a practical guide for leaders looking to create positive change for people and planet, whilst keeping your own personal wellbeing in check. Drawing on decades of connecting organisational leaders with ancient wisdom traditions, the natural world, modern psychology and a systems view of life, Messner guides readers through a comprehensive leadership roadmap offering new perspectives and tools that enable you to face these challenges in a calm and effective way. Readers learn how to:


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  • Optimise personal energy levels and mindset to be fully in charge and thrive
  • Connect more deeply with ‘difficult’ people and influence them without authority
  • Understand the influence of different environments and contexts on your work
  • Be a wise leader who can channel natural energy flows for better results


Naturally Successful empowers readers with the tools to create positive impact with more ease, helping you become energised, influential and impactful at work.