Leadership specialist Rebecca Houghton has wriiten a new Book Impact 10 Ways to level up your Leadership she joins Dave on the Good Read.

B-Suite leaders are today’s middle managers, the glue that holds organisations together, translating strategy into action and creating high performing workforces. Yet the B-Suite is stretched thin. They are too junior to be ‘in the room’, yet senior enough to be looked up to by their team.

They are expected to provide information, decisions and direction and often have little to go on.
It can be a frustrating space, and their development is often overlooked. Yet enabling these B suite leaders to adjust to the new normal, and to have even greater impact is a huge win for any organisation. So, how can you gain greater control over thepace of work and influence outcomes more easily?
In the new book, Impact ($29.95), leadership specialist Rebecca Houghton draws upon extensive experience to provide a practical guide to level up your leadership. By following the ten key tools, Rebecca explains how they help you level up your B- Suite game to have greater impact.


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