This week on the Good Read it’s the  gripping follow-up to the multi-award-winning Steve Smith’s Men, Geoff Lemon takes on The Comeback Summer of cricket. At the height of the 2019 season, the biggest names in Australian and English cricket faced off for sporting glory – and public forgiveness.

It was always going to be a summer to remember. Steve Smith, captain of the Australian team, a batsman with a shot at rivalling the greatest of all time. Ben Stokes, star of the English team, an all-rounder with a knack for moments of genius. Both disgraced in scandals of very different kinds. Both attempting a tough comeback trail through the most crucial contests in cricket: the World Cup back-to-back with the Ashes.

Geoff Lemon was there, in the commentary boxes and on the boundaries, for this season of unparalleled drama on the field. The Comeback Summer is an insightful, lively and sharp take on the cricketing world, which asks why we’re so obsessed with the idea of sport as a means of redemption.