Gen Z’s Top Hopes and Fears

By: McCrindle

The world is changing at a faster rate than ever before. For older generations, this is another unique experience in the tapestry of their life, but for Generation Z, this is the world they are being shaped in.

In a time of rising complexity, it is more important than ever to understand Generation Z’s experience, their expectations and desires for the future. By understanding their worldview, hopes, fears and values, we can then seek to engage them in more relevant ways.

Generation Z are a Values Driven Generation who Want to Own Their Own Home

The great Australian dream is still alive and well among Australia’s young people, with 72% of students hoping to own their own home one day. This is followed by having full financial freedom and independence (67%) and exceling in their career (67%). Travel is still an aspiration among young Australians, with two in three students (66%) hoping to travel and see the world.

Half of Generation Z (51%) have a desire to live a sustainable lifestyle and more than two in five (45%) aspire to work in an organisation that aligns with their values. The desire to live a life of impact is important with three in ten wanting to have an impact on their local community (30%) or to have an impact globally (27%).Gen Z Top Hopes chart

Students Fear a Lack of Finances and Fulfilment

The greatest fears for Generation Z centre on not achieving their hopes and dreams for the future. In alignment with their hopes to own a home and have full financial freedom, the greatest fear for today’s students is not having enough money to live comfortably (65%).

While more than two in five (45%) aspire to work in an organisation that aligns with their values, three in five (61%) fear being stuck in a job that they don’t enjoy or find fulfilment in, highlighting how important purpose is to where this Generation will choose to work. More than half (54%) fear not reaching their full potential while 41% fear not making a difference with their life.

Gen Z have multiple expectations of an organisation – it isn’t just the job description but the workplace culture, the variety, fun, training, management style, and flexibility that drives them. As this generation begins their working life, an understanding of their hopes and fears will be crucial to attracting and retaining them.

Gen Z top fears chart

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Article supplied with thanks to McCrindle.

About the Author: McCrindle are a team of researchers and communications specialists who discover insights, and tell the story of Australians – what we do, and who we are.

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