With so much time at home last year, Aussies have been left re-evaluating if the daily commute and so much time spent away from the family is worth it. New research has revealed that over a third of Aussie dads say they are missing out on valuable family time because of their jobs.

Whether it’s an office job or a trade, set hours, early starts and late nights for dads often mean mums are left to do the running around, school drop-offs and dinner, bath and bed routines. Aussie Dads are missing out on quality time with the kids – and many are turning to franchising to regain balance at home.

Rune Sovndahl is a dad and franchise expert, He joins Dave and says more and more parents are turning to franchising in order to regain work-life balance at home. Dads in particular are benefiting from home services franchises like lawn mowing, pest control and rubbish removals – where they can schedule jobs and plan their days to suit them best.