Drop the Notion of “Making It”, Says Musician-Turned-CEO Pete Gillies

By: Laura Bennett

Today, perhaps more than ever, the idea of having one career for life is an increasingly outdated notion.

Technological changes alone mean our jobs are constantly adapting to the progress around us, and, with a workforce shaped by the idea that passion should come before a paycheck, we’re not afraid to chop and change pursuits.

That said, transitioning from one career to another can still be challenging: how do you know it’s the right time? Will your reputation be affected?

For more than a decade, Pete Gillies toured with Australian band New Empire, performing to thousands around the world.

The band found widespread success in 2012 when their single One Heart/A Million Voices was selected as the official theme for the Summer Olympics and, a year after their 2015 disbandment, their music found new life on the soundtrack of a hit Korean TV drama.

It was a couple years earlier though, in 2012, when Pete started to feel the draw to pursue something new, eventually founding his own company, Craft Digital Marketing.  New Empire Pete Leaving 10 years ago

On the UNDISTRACTED podcast, Pete spoke about the evolution of our passions, and why working with a personal mission in mind is so vital. He also said we need to reevaluate what we think it means to “make it” in life.

“The concept of ‘making it’ is this illusive idea that I don’t know if we ever achieve,” Pete said.

“The concept of ‘making it’ is this illusive idea that I don’t know if we ever achieve,” – musician and Craft Digital Marketing CEO Pete Gillies

“One thing leads to the next and what we think as a goal that would signify ‘making it’ at one point, kind of disappears when it gets within arm’s reach.”

Source: New Empire Facebook

Within the music industry that can especially be a challenge for artists who don’t see beyond the notoriety of performing.

“If it’s for the euphoria, it just goes so fast,” Pete said. “You hear about all these people in the limelight and all the struggles that they go through – and they get ridiculed for it – but it’s a very real thing.

“When there’s a lot of people looking your way, it can do things to your mind. If you don’t have ways of focusing on the purpose and the mission of what you’re doing, I can understand how that can take you to a different, and potentially very bad, place very quickly.”

Source: Peter Gillies Facebook

The key to embracing the idea of applying our passion to multiple arenas, Pete believes, is to accept the seasonal nature of life.

“Look at the weather: we’ve got four seasons. Who’s to say that we need to hold on to one season or our whole life?” he said.

“Look at the weather: we’ve got four seasons. Who’s to say that we need to hold on to one season or our whole life?” – former New Empire guitarist Pete Gillies

“There’s a whole lot of things in the way the world is created that kind of alludes to that fact that going through different stuff is actually really healthy. You pick up from one [season] and you take it to the next.”

Article supplied with thanks to Hope Media.

Feature image: Pete Gillies, Provided

About the Author: Laura Bennett is a media professional, broadcaster and writer from Sydney, Australia.

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