The Dean of St David’s Cathedral, the Very Revd Richard Humphrey, will be delivering
the following Christmas message at 10am on Christmas Day and on Christmas Eve he joins Dave on Ultra106five to talk “stable leadership”

In Australia we are looking for stable leadership with the Canberra leadership bubble popping with
depressing regularity. Federal, State and local governments have been in a state of flux leaving us
wondering who is really in charge, and the rest of the world is no better.
Christmas is about stable leadership. The child whose birth we celebrate is born as King, the stories
describe him as the son of God, who is given a throne, and an unending kingdom. He is called
wonderful counsellor, mighty God, the everlasting Father, prince of peace, of whose government
there is no end.
The stories leave us in no doubt that in the birth of Jesus we have the stable leader who will bring
justice and righteousness.
But this leader is born in a stable, he comes in humility, he comes to serve, to give of himself for the
good of others. A leader who acts in love, compassion and mercy. The stories of Christmas then are
not only a challenge as to who is in charge and what being in charge looks like.
This is the leadership challenge born in a back room.
Christmas calls us then to challenge any who live in a leadership bubble with the ways of Jesus, to be
bringing about justice, working for peace, showing mercy, and practicing compassion.
So, Christmas should lead us to call for our nation to be caring for refugees, the homeless, the poor
and vulnerable.

But Christmas is also a challenge to us, will we recognise who he is and turn from ways of self-
serving and self-fulfilment to serve in humility, to stop standing up for our rights but looking to put

things right for others and so follow in Jesus ways of love and peace.
Will we follow this stable leader?
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