Did you know that your donation of $100 or more to the Ultra106.5fm Shake The World Appeal this June can actually have an impact, not just in Tasmania, but in a remote community in a country you may never visit?

FEBC are an international radio ministry, which began in 1945, and now broadcast in more than 50 countries in 130 different languages. As well as broadcasting, they also provide solar-powered and wind-up radios to people living in out-of-the-way areas, and this is where YOU come in!

For every donation of $100 or more to Ultra106.5fm’s Shake The World Appeal, and for every monthly commitment, FEBC will provide a solar-powered or wind-up radio to a community who don’t have access to one.

 Half of FEBC’s ministry is devoted to educational programs with topics like finance, family life, health, values and relationships, and there is an extensive follow-up ministry on the ground in each field. Many of the people listening to these stations can’t read, making radio a practical and incredibly useful educational tool. They also share the hope and good news of Jesus Christ through their programming, to people who may otherwise never hear about Him.

Content is specifically prepared with the needs of the listening community in mind. For instance, in Mongolia, where one out of every two men is an alcoholic, they host talk-back programs with counsellors about family, marriage, and overcoming addiction. In the words of one listener, “My husband’s frequency of alcohol use is decreasing and I am studying what I should do when my husband drinks…your station is a mentor of my life…my radio can help us.”

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Shaking The World – the impact

Here are just a couple of examples of the difference that FEBC broadcasts are making in people’s lives in various countries:

In Russia FEBC seek to educate listeners about the orphan crisis in that country, and help find loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children.

In North India they target those working in brothels to offer support, as well as programs that seek to change attitudes, encouraging the value of women and preventing sex trafficking.

In Mongolia they produce talk-back programs about family, addiction, and marriage, featuring qualified Christian counsellors, with the focus on reducing alcoholism, child abuse and domestic violence.

The exciting news is that this year for our Shake The World Appeal, Ultra106.5fm are partnering with FEBC. Through the support of a generous donor, every time someone makes a donation of $100 or more to Ultra106.5fm, a radio will be distributed to a family in a developing country, giving them access to the Gospel message in their own language, and educational programs that transform lives in their community.

Your donation of $100 or more is not only impacting lives in Hobart, but literally, shaking the world! Please, give generously to Ultra106.5fm’s Shake The World Appeal today!