Anglicare AustraliaExecutive Director Kasy Chambers joins Dave to discuss the Anglicare Australia wish list for tonights Budget.

.Anglicare Australia is calling for a boost to Jobseeker and social housing in tonights Federal
“For months, experts and economists have been telling the government that the best way to boost the
economy is to raise the rate of Jobseeker for good. Now is the time to act,” said

“A permanent boost to JobSeeker will add billions of dollars to the economy and at least145,000 full-
time jobs. The benefits would go straight to the areas that need them most.

“Whole communities would benefit, including those who have been the hardest by the downturn. The
flow-on effects would be profound. Every cent would be spent in local communities.
“We call on the Government to take the step that we all know would make the biggest impact to the
economy and those in need. It’s time to raise the rate of Jobseeker.”
Ms Chambers said the Budget also offered the Morrison Government the perfect opportunity to invest
in social housing.
“Our latest Rental Affordability Snapshot shows that the homelessness crisis is only getting worse for
people on low incomes. They are on the frontlines of this downturn. Social housing is the best way to
support them.
“Social housing will offer relief for the tens of thousands of people who are homeless in Australia. It also
boosts GDP, and creates jobs in construction for the regions that need it most.

“With the economy reeling in the wake of the coronavirus, we need to invest in projects that are shovel-
ready. There is no time to waste. Social housing projects can get off the ground quickly – and they bring long-term benefits.

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Ms Chambers said that tax cuts won’t stimulate the economy – and will benefit people who don’t need
“The Government is looking at bringing forward their multi-billion dollar high-end tax cuts. But for
people on low incomes, the tax cuts amount to just 50 cents a week.
“The fact is that one-off payments and tax cuts won’t help people out of poverty. And they won’t boost
the economy. A Jobseeker increase and social housing will do both.
“For years, the community and business sectors have known what’s needed to be done to boost the
economy. Now it’s time for the Government to act before it’s too late.”