May 27, 2021


Tasmanian Hire and Drive Reimbursement Program

he new Hire and Drive Reimbursement Program offers grants of up to $1,000 a car to help rental companies re-establish their vehicle fleets and to encourage car sharing on accredited platforms, Car Next Door and Evee.

Will Davies, CEO and founder of Car Next Door, joins Dave and explains they have been inundated with people in Tasmania wanting to join the platform.

“It’s the strongest interest we have seen since launching in any state in Australia,” says Mr Davies.

“More than 1,000 trips have been taken, with the number of bookings doubling month on month,” he says.

“It costs about $600 in regulatory costs to list a car in Tasmania. We are confident that the new Hire and Drive Reimbursement grant will boost the number of cars for hire, because people listing a car will now pocket $400 of the $1000 on day 1 and will then start earning up to $1500 a month.”

“What we have is an opportunity to make use of the thousands of cars that are sitting around in Tassie right now, going to waste, getting used 4% of the time,” he says.

Nationwide, Car Next Door has reported a 196 percent increase in customers during the pandemic, as Australians look for ways to save on their expenses. Currently there are more than 12,000 people joining the platform every month around Australia, with over 18,000 signing up in the last month alone.

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