Dave talks with  Professor of  History at Monash University Alistair Thomson about this years Anzac Day and how the day has evolved since the 1915 Gallipoli Landing.

Together they explore

  • Commemorating and remembering war when we can’t physically gather at ceremonies, how different will Anzac Day be this year?

  • Australian memories of WWI

  • Politics of Anzac Day

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“In recent years the Anzac Day Dawn Service has become a scripted, multimedia affair, in which speeches and images have told vast crowds what to think and feel about Australians and war. This year the virus has forced us to return to a more personal and contemplative dawn service in our driveways, where we will quietly reflect on how war has impacted our families and our society, as we light candles and shine torches to share the moment and sustain community with our neighbours.”

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