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3 Mindset Shifts That Have Helped me Majorly in Business

By: Rachel Reva

Starting your own business is not for the faint of heart.

I love doing what I do, working with incredible clients and getting paid to do what I love, but I have also had some hard lessons too – it’s not always rainbows and sunshine.

Just getting real with you: sometimes it would be easier to wake up, go to ‘work’ and put in my 8-10 hours and know there’s a certain income that will land in my account each month – without having to think about it.

As an entrepreneur, you create this magic for yourself – sometimes in hustle, sometimes in flow. It’s the life I signed up for (and wouldn’t change for a minute).

But still… I learned some stuff. It’s not always easy. And I have three tips that will help you – whether you are in a 9-5 or starting your own business, these strategies will help (and would have helped me if I had mastered these sooner).

1. Know What You Won’t Accept

I have become more fierce (and fearless) with time, energy and what I ‘WONT’ put up with: I was such a people pleaser, and this came up loud and clear when I started my business – a lot of people wanted free stuff (read your time), or want to join you, and use what you have. There are so many ‘opportunities’ out there that it’s easy to get sucked in when people reach out to you (everyone loves to be wanted!). But, I had to start evaluating each request on their merit and stop responding straight away and giving a ‘yes’ before thinking about something and the real cost for me. This includes clients. I have a very clear criteria on who I work with – I need to have people who are go-getters and ‘doers’, no excuse makers. I ain’t got no time for that and neither should you.

2. Stop Striving for Perfect

Forget being perfect : I’m having to become less of a perfectionist and more of a ‘let’s see what happens’. I am hard on myself. I like to show up as my best self in everything I do, but I pretty much had to throw that ‘perfection’ mindset when I started my biz. Sheryl Sandberg said ‘done is better then perfect’. I no longer collapse into a heap when I say something wrong, make a wrong move or don’t get things ‘exactly right’. It’s a journey. I am constantly improving – and frankly if I kept ‘waiting’ until I felt I had the perfect version of a newsletter, video, message – I would have no business to speak of. Don’t let ‘perfection’ keep you procrastinating and don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake. As Salvador Dali said: ‘Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it’. Just start. And keep going.

3. Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader

Practise what you preach: Starting your own business is like the best personal development program ever. I am having to coach myself constantly (as well as be coached by my coach and mentors) – it’s easier to watch and criticise what other’s are doing, but when you are in the ring yourself – it’s tough. Lonely at times. And you have to become your own biggest cheerleader. Because even a coach is on the sidelines. I have become a lot more compassionate to people who create, produce and are in this space. It’s hard not to. Whatever you are the expert on, make sure you are walking the talk – it will keep you edgy and credible to those around you.

{SECRET BONUS TIP} – if you are partial to the 80’s and what to get in the ‘fighter’ mindset –this song always helps me.

Don’t doubt yourself. You’ve got this.

Article supplied with thanks to Rachel Reva at Life On Her Terms.

Feature image: Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash 

About the author: Rachel Reva is a PR consultant and author with a career that has spanned TV, writing, radio and politics. Born in Georgia, USA, Rachel now lives in Australia with her young family, and is heard every week on radio.

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