Micah’s Campaign Director Matt Darvas has joined Dave to explain the Micah Australia mission.


Federal Government may be considering cutting the foreign aid budget by another 10 per cent – on the back of previous successive cuts – would further “comfort the privileged and afflict the poor”.
When we reflect on their politics and policies when it comes to the poor in our world today, we have to
ask, ‘What would Jesus make of it’?
Mr Darvas says foreign aid provided a lifeline to the most vulnerable in the world – those Jesus called the
least of these.
Can we now ignore the plight of the poor, hungry, vulnerable and displaced men, women and children
around the world?
Every cut to aid undercuts the moral character of our leaders and of our nation.
As Christians, we won’t give up on our call to do justice and love mercy.

As Australians, we won’t give up on our neighbours. We can and must do more to end poverty and build opportunity for all.
Mr Darvas says Jesus’ timeless call for sacrifice on behalf of the poor was still too challenging for many
Australians. He said Jesus teaching was an affront to both ancient and modern sensibilities on what it
means to live ‘the good life’.

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