Tasmanians need to reduce their use of plastic and excess packaging according to the latest Clean Up Australia Rubbish Report 

Ian Kiernan AO, chairman and founder of Clean Up Australia talks with Dave about The results n from 2017 Clean Up Australia Rubbish Report which is compiled each year from data submitted by Clean Up volunteers nationally

Litter directly associated with packaging made up 58.7% of the rubbish collected by Tasmanian volunteers in 2017. Within this total, food packaging represented 41%, and non-food packaging 17.7%. Food packaging was 6% over the national count of 35%, suggesting that items consumed or opened in transit are being carelessly discarded. And that reflects badly on Tasmania.

According to Ian Kiernan AO, chairman and founder of Clean Up Australia, it is just as important to reduce our use of products with excess packaging as it is to responsibly dispose of the rubbish this packaging creates.

“By consciously choosing items with less packaging we can influence the amount of rubbish that ends up in the waste stream or as litter on our streets and beaches or in our parks, bushland or waterways,”

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