A story within a story as Dave catches up with Martin Cohen who has finished a book his partner started. It is a moving legacy of a young conservationist and this book keeps her spirit and message alive.

Julia Cooper was a highly regarded naturalist with a passion for preserving the Australian bush and its furry inhabitants.  Sadly she passed away aged 33 with much of her work left undone. Her partner Martin Cohen hopes by publishing Paddy O’Melon, an endearing story of a rainforest kangaroo, her conservation message will live on.

Paddy O’Melon is the story of Paddy, a joey who is separated from his mother and found and raised by an Irish family who live in the rainforest and often help orphaned or injured animals. But while Paddy loves his new human family, he’s curious to find out what he really is. So, he sets out on a journey into the rainforest where he meets a range of other interesting animals — from musky rat-kangaroos to ringtail possums and flying-foxes. But all he really wants is to be reunited with his mother and his own kind. Perhaps the cassowary can tell this little red-legged pademelon who he really is and take him safely home?

An entertaining and educational story, Paddy O’Melon introduces many of Australia’s rainforest animals to the reader and also has subtle messages about the importance of looking after our natural heritage.

Royalties from the  book are being donated to Far North Queensland Wildlife Rescue to continue the conservation work she was so passionate about.

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